Considerable investment in people and equipment has placed Control Equipment firmly at the forefront of fire panel technology. Our strong commitment to continous training and development enables us to meet the ever increasing challenges in the fire industry worldwide. From our modern premises in Dudley, right at the heart of the UK, we are able to provide a high quality.

We have been very successfully for many years in supplying conventional panels in a range of small, simple-to-install, and simple-to-use, competitively-priced but very reliable panels as well as larger, higher-specification LPCB approved panels. In addition, our extinguishing system control panels and accessories have been well-received world-wide for many years. To complete the package we offer a full range analogue addressable panels-from small but powerful 1-2 loop panels to multi-loop LPCB approved, both fully networkcable with powerful cause and effect programming software and an optional Alarm Manager graphics package.




Series 65 incorporates well-proven sensing technologies, together with advances in materials and electronics technology, including an IC based on that used. The series 65 detectors can be integrated in to security systems, when used with a relay base. The series 65 wide voltage range consists of ionization, integrating ionization and optical smoke detectors, 4 grades of heat detector and a range of bases.

Each type of detector is available In three versions :

  • a standar version
  • a version with an LED which flashes continuosly in quiescent mode
  • and one with both a flashing LED and a magnet-operated test switch (reed relay)

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