The business of the Safety Hi-Tech (“SHT”) is focused on a specific sector of fire protection that is Clean Agent Fire Suppression.

SHT has been a pioneer for Clean Agent technologies playing an important role in Halon substitution and gaining immediately an undisputed credibility. Our first patent on Halon alternative has been filed on January 15, 1987 well before the Montreal Protocol on Substances That Deplete the Ozone Layer entered into force.

SHT is considered one of the leading companies in the Clean Agent Fire Suppression and its NAF® Fire Extinguishing Agents and Systems gained indisputably acceptance and recognition worldwide from the leading environmental and technical authorities.

SHT contributes to write the technical rules participating to the technical committees of standardization bodies thus allowing us to have first-hand information and to be the first to use such information introducing updated products into the market. SHT is the only European organization to be represented in the NFPA 2001 Technical Committee. Its representatives seats also in the UN’s IMO and HTOC Committees, ISO and CEN Working Groups.

Safety Hi-Tech offers the largest range of UL Listed clean agent fire-estinguishing systems in the market. By choosing from four different valve styles and cylinders ranging from 5 to 240 liters, Safety Hi-Tech is able to provide a complete range of gaseous fire suppression options to meet your needs.

Our seamless cylinders range from 5 to 120 liters, and are super-pressurized to 42 bar (600psi).

These 42 bar cylinder assemblies are the preferred choice for systems with long pipe runs or retrofitting existing Halon 1301 systems. The working pressure of the 142, 175, 240 liters welded cylinders is 25 bar (360psi), providing lower cost options for new systems.

The software used for engineered system design has been validated by UL.

NAF S 125 systems offer three important advantages :

  • NAF S 125 systems uses less agent
  • NAF S 125 systems can be used at temperatures as low as – 18°C
  • NAF S 125 systems can retrofit existing Halon 1301

Requirements for Protection of a 1000 m³ Class A Risk

*Halon 1301 is no longer available in non-essential applications with the exception of korea and china

To ensure this guarantee of quality and performance, we offer the following :

  1. Extinguishing agents approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), supplied by our company that is officially listed as manufacturer of Halon replacements.
  2. Certifications by internationally recognized laboratories, including Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), meaning worldwide quality and safety.
  3. Adherence to the fire industry technical requirements and environmental factors as required by the US EPA with respect to human safety and environmental standards.
  4. Independent certification of the extinguishing concentration and design limitations.
  5. Independent certification of the system components and their ability to operate under the most extreme conditions (from-18 °C up to +50 °C).
  6. Independent certification of the filling and maintenance procedures.
  7. Independent certification of the flow calculation programs used for system design.
  8. Independent certification that over its lifetime the system will retain their integrity with regard to containing the agent and thereby not emit any environmentally harmful products.
  9. Independent certification of the purity and consistency of our extinguishing agents.
  10. Independent certification of the quality system in accordance with ISO 9001, used throughout all management, administration and the manufacturing processes.


European Patent n. EP 630278, United States Patent No. 6,402,975

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